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The choice of toilet paper must pay attention to the quality of the product

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  Nowadays, many restaurants are careful when charging, and even napkins are no longer free, which makes many citizens feel frustrated and inconvenient to consume.At the same time, some citizens began to consciously prepare napkins when they were in the restaurant, saving them unnecessary expenses.Of course, some people believe that the restaurant is full of food, but also a very face-saving thing, a meal costs hundreds of dollars, so there is no need to care about a few dollars of napkin money.

  In fact, when we are in the restaurant, we also see that the napkins provided by the restaurant are often not used up, and most people will not take them away and finally throw them away, which will cause a lot of unnecessary waste.On the contrary, those who bring their own napkins under the restaurant's citizens, seemingly very stingy, in fact, think carefully, this is just a simple task, but a lot of benefits.In a small way, it saves unnecessary expenses for itself, in a large way, it can save resources and protect the environment.

  Toilet paper is one of People's Daily supplies, the choice of safe toilet paper.It's about people's health.So how do unqualified toilet paper harm human health?Some manufacturers will add fragrances, fluorescent whitening agents, bleaching powder and other undesirable substances during production,Some of these added substances contain harmful chemicals such as mercury,Using this kind of toilet paper can cause many adverse reactions,Such as gastrointestinal inflammation, diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery and other diseases,They may even have hepatitis,Make people who eat hepatitis.

  There are also some substandard toilet paper containing talc, if people with asthma use these papers to interrupt and inhale the dust above, it is possible to cause asthma attacks.Talc also contains carcinogens, temporary use will cause tumors, as well as radioactivity, radiation to the human body.

  To sum up, be sure to buy high-quality toilet paper.